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Lumidoh Reviews

Glow in the Dark LumidohHey everyone my name is Steffany and these are my Lumidoh Reviews. I decided to make my own Lumidoh Reviews because of how much my kids love to play with Lumidoh and because I have been really impressed with the product as well.

My kids used to play with Playdoh every day and they loved to be able to create things with the doh. However, Playdoh never lasted very long. Anytime that the Playdoh would be left out too long it would dry out, crack and break down. My kids got really disappointed when their Playdoh creations deteriorated over time. Playdoh wasn’t designed to be long lasting.

Personally, I was really frustrated with Playdoh because once it dried out I had to buy more Playdoh. My kids played with Playdoh so often that I had to buy it every other week because of how often it was drying out.

I also had to get my children their own plastic table where they could play with the Playdoh. When my kids would play with the Playdoh it would stick to the table, carpet, or whatever surface that they were playing with the Playdoh on.

One time when they played with the Playdoh on the carpet it got stuck in the carpet so deeply that I had to use Goo Gone just to get it out of the carpet. Plus, once Playdoh dries it gets crumbly, flaky, and it goes everywhere. Overall, playing with Playdoh was messy and inconvenient, but my kids loved it and I wanted them to be inspired and creative so I let them play with it despite all the mess and hassle.

The first time I saw Lumidoh was on a commercial and I went directly to Lumidoh official website because it seemed like it was the perfect solution to the issues that my kids and I were having with Playdoh.

What interested me in the Lumidoh was that it would still allow my kids to create things and make designs like they would with the Playdoh, but there would be no mess. And my kids would be able to keep their designs and have them glow.

Lumidoh has been a huge improvement to playing with Playdoh. The main difference between Lumidoh and Playdoh is how it is made. Lumidoh is made from a super luminous silicone, which makes it stretchy like rubber and more durable when my kids mold things. Molds actually hold and stay in shape with the Lumidoh, whereas they really didn’t with Playdoh. My kids also don’t have to worry about their Lumidoh drying out or their creations being too delicate to actually play with. Once they make a creation with their Lumidoh it is more durable than Playdoh, and we can actually bake it so that it becomes a toy that they can play with.

Plus, the Lumidoh actually glows in the dark. Lumidoh has become my kids new favorite item to play with because it lasts longer than Playdoh and they can do a lot more with it. I hope that my Lumidoh reviews are helpful to anyone out there interested in Lumidoh.

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Lumidoh Creativity

Lumidoh Creations

My kids have the best time playing with their Lumidoh creations. They love being able to play with the toys that they designed and made with their Lumidoh glow in the dark dough.

My kids get a lot of attention from their Lumidoh creations. Their friends ask them where they got their toys from all the time and my kids love to tell them about Lumidoh. Then, once they tell their friends my kids friends’ parents’ ask me where to get the Lumidoh too. That was why I wanted to make this Lumidoh review as well so that I could answer questions about Lumidoh.

Making Lumidoh creations is really easy. The reason that my kids prefer to play with Lumdioh over playdoh is because Lumdioh is more durable than playdoh. Lumidoh is made from high quality silicone, whereas the playdoh is more like putty with a base of flour. That is why playdoh dries out so quickly and is not very durable, because it is made from a flour base. When my kids played with playdoh they had to be really careful with their playdoh creations and knew that after playing with the playdoh they couldn’t keep them. Their playdoh creations would always fall apart because it just wasn’t sturdy enough.

Lumidoh is able to hold its shape and mold better than playdoh. I would also say that Lumidoh has a rubbery feel to it as well. Because it is made from high quality silicone it feels more like rubber when it is rolled out and played with. I really like that about Lumidoh because it means that there is no more mess when my kids play with Lumidoh and it doesn’t dry out.

Also because Lumidoh is silicone based it means that it is washable. I clean my kids’ toys plastic toys often to make sure that they are sanitary and now I can also just quickly was the Lumidoh too. With playdoh I could never wash it and was always replacing it.

Now that they have Lumidoh they can keep their Lumidoh creations and keep playing with them. That was one thing that I really liked about Lumidoh. Whenever my kids create something with Lumidoh that they want to keep and play with all I have to do is bake it in the oven and then it becomes a permanent Lumidoh creation for them to keep. Lumidoh allows my kids to be creative and to keep their creations.

When I asked my kids which they preferred more Lumidoh vs Playdoh both of my kids said Lumidoh. They love having the Lumidoh because it is much better than the playdoh that they used to play with.

I recommend Lumidoh to everyone because it is has been a lot of fun for me to get to watch my kids be creative with their Lumidoh creations. Lumidoh has been a great alternative to playdoh and my family and I will never go back to playdoh because of how much we like Lumidoh. I hope that my Lumidoh review has been helpful.

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Lumidoh Creativity


I love having my kids play with Lumidoh. It has been a great way for them to be able to express creativity and to play with a product that similar to playdoh, with less mess.

My kids would always want to actually play with the creations that they made with Playdoh, but couldn’t because of how soft the Playdoh was and because it would completely dry out if it wasn’t being molded or stored away.

Now, with Lumidoh they can keep the creations that they make for as long as they want. The Lumidoh is a lot more durable and long lasting than Playdoh. Plus, another positive aspect about the Lumidoh is that I can bake it for my kids. Now, when they want to play with their creations I can bake it for them and they don’t have to worry about it falling apart or drying out while they are playing with it.

What also sets the Lumidoh apart from playdoh is that Lumidoh glows in the dark. My kids really like that Lumidoh glows in the dark. It gives them more creative ways to play with their Lumidoh. Once Lumidoh is baked it still glows in the dark.

Lumidoh doesn’t dry out and keeps its shape. I used to make sure that as soon as my kids were done playing with playdoh that they would put their playdoh away because it would dry out. My kids were always really disappointed when their playdoh would dry out because then they could no longer play with it. So they were really good about putting their playdoh away.

They once got the impressions that they wouldn’t have to put their Lumidoh away though because it wouldn’t dry out. The Lumidoh was left out for most of the day and overnight and I was really impressed to see that it was still intact and not dried out.

I also used to throw out playdoh once my kids were sick or if any of their friends who played with their playdoh were sick. I didn’t want to harbor any germs or illnesses in my home. Lumidoh is actually washable and antibacterial. If my kids get sick I can just wash the Lumidoh with soap and water and I don’t have to worry about spreading germs.

Lumidoh is only sold on the official website and I was happy with my Lumidoh official website order because it has a lot of value. What I got was 5 glowing Lumidoh colors in: Clear, green, pink, magenta, and blue and a bonus color in black; a play mat where my kids like to play with the Lumidoh; A Lumidoh guide (which has the baking instructions in it); Star shaped cut outs; and a non-stick baking sheet for the Lumidoh for $19.99. Plus, the Lumidoh official website has a Buy one Get one Free offer so I actually got two sets which was great because each of my kids got their own Lumidoh set to play with. All I had to do get the second set was to pay for an extra shipping and handling of $7.99.

My kids love to play with their Lumidoh glow in the dark dough and I love it too. I hope that my Lumidoh review has been helpful so far.

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Lumidoh Creativity

Lumidoh As Seen On TV

When I first saw the Lumidoh as seen on TV I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not the Lumidoh would be a legit as seen on TV product or not. I decided to write my own Lumidoh review so that I could share my experience with Lumidoh and let people know if it is a legit product or not.

In the past I had tried a few as seen on TV products that I wasn’t really impressed with and I didn’t want the Lumidoh as seen on TV to be the same way. So that was why I wondered if Lumidoh would be a dud too. I really didn’t want to be disappointed with Lumidoh though because it seemed like the perfect the product for my kids to play with.

After watching the Lumidoh as seen on TV commercial I was really interested in Lumidoh. The main reason that I wanted to try Lumidoh was because it was different than the playdoh that my kids were already playing with.

My kids love to play with playdoh, but it wasn’t my favorite toy for them. Playdoh was a mess and it would always dry when my kids would play with it. I was spending a lot of money on buying playdoh and even more time having to clean up playdoh.

My kids loved playdoh, but they were also frustrated with it too. They love to mold things and create their toys to play with. But the playdoh was always too soft to actually play with. They had to be really careful with the things that they created with playdoh because it would break or get squished.

Plus, I never let them leave the table with the playdoh because I didn’t want it to dry out and crumble on the floor, or get smashed into the carpet. It was better to have my kids play at the table with their playdoh to eliminate messes anywhere else even though they really didn’t like only being able to play at the table.

Now with Lumidoh when my kids create something that they want to keep and play with later I can bake it for them. Baking the Lumidoh hardens the dough and makes my kids creations permanent. The Lumidoh creations are also really durable once they are baked. After I bake the Lumidoh it hardens and becomes shiny and is no longer moldable. I was really impressed to see the durability of Lumidoh once it is baked. My kids love their collection of Lumidoh toys that they created on their own. And once Lumidoh is baked it still glows in the dark.

Lumidoh is made from super luminous silicone rather than a soft dough like playdoh.  Because it is made from silicone is means that there is no more mess either. My kids can now play with Lumidoh anywhere because it doesn’t make a mess like playdoh did.

I hope that my Lumidoh review has been helpful so far. It is a really great way for my kids to still get to be creative and get to keep the projects that they make with Lumidoh.

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Lumidoh Creativity